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Hi there! I’m Jillian and welcome to my blog! Here I share tips, ideas, and insights on nearly everything imaginable.

Professional Background

I’m a seasoned digital marketing specialist and freelance writer. Creating unique content, designing infographics, editing images, managing social media accounts, building high-quality backlinks, analyzing competitor profiles…I do it all. I sincerely enjoy working with businesses of all sizes and industries and helping them succeed in their online marketing efforts.

My favorite part of marketing is writing. It is my passion and obsession. I love to think creatively and use my writing skills to develop unique and engaging marketing content. Being exposed to books at a young age influenced my desire to write. Growing up, I wrote poetry and short stories to cope with life and for my own personal enjoyment. I wrote for my college newspaper, The Tower, ultimately becoming the Editor-in-Chief and freelanced for a local N.J. parenting magazine, Curious Parents. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to an array of blogs of different industries, including business and entrepreneurship, real estate and home buying, fashion and retail, finance and money management, health and fitness, higher education, and more.

More About Me

  • I’m a die-hard Eagles fan happily married to a devoted Giants fan.
  • I love a good cardio workout (kickboxing and Zumba, especially).
  • I’m a fur mom to a beagle/retriever mix named Bailee.
  • I love finding new recipes, getting a good bargain at flea markets and yard sales, crafting home decor, and visiting local craft breweries.
  • My favorite book is The Fountainhead.
  • I’m a sucker for romance novels.
  • I’m a sushi nut and crave it all the time.
  • My favorite season is autumn and, admittedly, I am obsessed with everything pumpkin.

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