4 Reasons Why I’m In Love With the Short Angled Bob Cut

Hi, everyone! Sorry, we meet again at the start of the work week, but I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

So I just HAD to write this post after getting my hair cut yesterday. A hair cut does absolute wonders for me. I always walk out feeling refreshed, beautiful, and confident. I was in desperate need of a quick trim to keep up with my short angled bob cut, which I am SO IN LOVE with!

When it comes to hair styles I’m all over the place. I see a style in a magazine, on an actress, or a total stranger walking by rocking a flattering hair style and I immediately think, “Maybe I should try that.” And many times I do try it! I’ve had my hair super long and really short. I’m a natural brunette and my hair is pretty much straight with a little wave. I’ve had blonde highlights, dyed my hair burgundy, autumn, and even blonde! I’ve even tried a perm before (Trust me, you don’t want to see that!)

But back to the angled bob – I first got the short angled bob back in February of 2012 and got an entire 8 inches of hair chopped. A little nervous at first but I was in need of something different. As soon as I saw the final result, I fell completely in love with the style!

I eventually let my hair grow, with some cuts and trims in between before keeping it long for my wedding last September. This past March I went back to the short angled bob cut. So, I went for a trim yesterday and once the hair dresser was done, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how much I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cut. I couldn’t stop staring in the mirror at it. I’m so obsessed with this style that I may keep it longer than I usually do!


If you haven’t tried this style and are looking for something different, here’s why you should definitely go for the short angled bob cut.

The Perfect Summer Cut

Short hair styles are always a summer favorite because they help keep you cool. An angled bob cut keeps the hair off your back and you can easily pin back the front layers to keep the wind from blowing your hair in your face.

Less Maintenance

Blow drying long hair is never fast or easy! With the short angled bob cut, drying my hair is so much faster. I also don’t use a straightener since my hair is shorter. When I had really long hair I felt I had to straighten it or else the humidity would make it go wild. And I don’t like to use a straightener unless I have to since it can damage my hair.

Great for Those With Thick Hair

I get many compliments about my thick hair. Thick hair can be such a hassle to manage, though. Blow drying it can seem never-ending. With the angled bob, the back is layered so it takes a fair amount of weight off and you can definitely feel it once you get the cut.

A Sophisticated Style

In my opinion, the angled bob is a more sophisticated style and it gives off the impression that you are heading to the office. It’s also a hair style that can instantly add oomph to a simple outfit like denim jeans and a t-shirt.



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